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Our Process

From drop-off to pick-up, this is our vinyl wrap process.


Tracking Progress

All our installers use an app we built to track their progress through prep, wrap, quality assurance, and extras.

As tasks are marked off, the main TV board shows progress and lists the order for each vehicle.

Each vehicle has a dedicated installer that is focused on ensuring the project is completed on time and quality.

1. Prep

As soon as you are checked in on Monday morning, we begin disassembly and clean the entire vehicle.


We detail the paint with clay bar, clean the glass, and crevices between panels to ensure cleanliness for the best possible finish.


2. Wrap

Each installer is experienced and utilizes knifeless tape in order to avoid cutting directly on the vehicle.

They wrap carefully, panel by panel, over the course of the week with space and supplies dedicated to the project. They are not rushed and can focus.

3. Quality Checks

Throughout the week we check the progress on the wrap for installation quality.

At the end of the week we do a final inspection well ahead of pickup.


Post Wrap + Customer Service

At checkout, customers are sent a link to reference for wrap care and warranty information.

We pride ourselves on responsive customer service, ensuring peace of mind for all of our customers.

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